“RTS went out of their way to help guide us on the most suitable RF solution for our business. The RTS staff have always been excellent to deal with, innovative and always have made us feel important”

Geoff Lord, Managing Director, Austpac Logistics

Austpac was established in 1993 as an international freight forwarder, and progressed in more recent years into providing full end to end warehousing and distribution services for big and bulky products. They have offices in all major cities in Australia and manage in excess of 65 square metres of warehousing space.

Business Challenge

Up until four years ago, Austpac was running a paper based system, and recognised that to keep us with the growth of the business and their clients; they needed to install RF technology. Management saw that a paperless RF system could drive efficiencies, and gain better utilisation of their warehousing. In doing this, they thought they could help them optimally manage their business, reduce operational and inventory costs and provide an improved level of client service.

They approached RTS to help guide them through the process of selecting the most suitable RF technology solution to meet their needs.

RTS solution for Austpac

RTS have implemented a suite of hardware which includes the Intermec CK31, CK3, PB50, PM4i, on a CISCO network which integrates with Austpac’s warehouse management system in all sites around Australia.


When Austpac were ready to go live, RTS flicked the switch and it all worked. Austpac had no teething problems of any significance and support has always been very responsive to us.

RTS have always been very responsive when there have been any damaged products but very little have gone wrong. The premium support service in place.

Austpac are now considering voice picking technology for within the business and implementing impact sensors onto their forklifts.

Products implemented:
Intermec CK31, CK3, PB50, PM4i, CISCO network.

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“I really prize the relationship we have with RTS. When we rolled out the RF system, it all worked and was relatively easy, just like they said it would be”

Geoff Lord, Managing Director, Austpac Logistics