“We selected RTS for their specialist knowledge in warehouse management equipment and understanding of the importance of supply chain management to a business. The enabling technology RTS have provided has made our supply chain dynamic and will facilitate our direction of a paperless supply chain into the future”

Brian Amit, Manager, Peerless Information Technology

Peerless Foods is an established manufacturer of premium quality edible oils, fats and margarines. 100% Australian owned, Peerless supply a diverse range of products to food manufacturers, caterers, restaurants, bakers and retailers throughout Australia and overseas.

The company refines wide variety of vegetable oils, including soya bean, sunflower, canola, cottonseed, peanut and palm oils into margarines, shortenings, oleos, salad and frying oils.


In 2005, Peerless Foods acquired the Unilever food division, making them the largest margarine manufacturer in Australia. Peerless IT had developed a PEERCORE ERP system to replace BPICS.
This new system needed to be flexible enough to deal with the rapid growth the company was about to undertake. Peerless Foods also started building a new warehouse in Braybrook to accommodate the growth of the organisation.

To reduce administration overheads and improve the efficiency of the forklifts within the cold stores, an RF terminal solution was identified as being required. Peerless IT contacted RTS detailing the requirements and RTS identified quickly, through their extensive experiences in this area, that a Windows XP product would be the only product that would meet their requirements.

RTS Solution for Peerless IT

RTS provided a solution which included the Intermec CV60 Windows XP rugged computer with a CITRIX client installed and integrated to it, a RTS freezer graded rugged scanner with an RTS interface unit to connect the scanner to it. RTS also provided a CISCO RF network for the freezer environment.

The key challenge initially faced was that the terminal couldn’t power the barcode scanner, so RTS developed an ancillary device to interface it to the terminal to compete the solution.

It was also discovered that there was a need to extend the distance from the scanner to the barcode to enable the forklift driver to comfortably scan all barcodes which was easily resolved by RTS recommending specific changes to the barcode layout printed on the labels which increased the scanning distance by 70%.

RTS continue to work Peerless who are currently reviewing their processes to further improve efficiencies and it is anticipated that a fixed scanning solution will be employed to further achieve this. This type of solution will reduce or even eliminate any driver input to the terminal for regular tasks.

With the additional site expansion, RTS are consulting on process improvements to better improve the flow of product throughout the business. The solution will be duplicated into the expanded cold store facility currently under construction, which is due to be completed late 2006.


The RTS solution included using multi vendor products (RTS and Intermec) to achieve the customer’s specific objectives. RTS made a complex task very simple, by effectively project managing each aspect of the installation, which allowed a very efficient go live solution to be produced.

Products implemented:

Intermec RF terminals and RTS rugged scanner and CISCO LAN

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