Datalogic DS6400

DS6400 is an industrial fixed position barcode reader specifically designed for the needs of various Auto ID applications in manufacturing and logistics.

DS6400 is based on the same concept as DS6300: a complete modular solution in terms of reading performance, built-in connectivity, ease of use and maintenance.

The DS6400 embeds a linear motor providing a dynamic focus system called FLASH™, fully controlled via software, which covers an impressive reading range of over 2 meters. FLASH™ is capable of moving the focus position from the minimum to the maximum position in less than 10ms.

DS6400 features a practical display with keyboard that increases the scanner’s ease of use by showing barcode data read (local echo), statistics and diagnostic information; moreover, it offers built-in connectivity to Ethernet, DeviceNet and Profibus networks.

Download DS6400 Full Specifications:Datalogic DS6400 Full Specifications (PDF)