Intermec CV61

The CV61 combines a smart design that makes it easy to migrate from legacy VMUs, while providing the next generation technology to meet your business needs well into the future.

The Intermec CV61 provides the best solution both today and tomorrow. Leveraging the latest operating system and data processing technology, the CV61 allows you to easily convert your current Warehouse Management System (WMS) applications and still have the capacity to implement next-generation applications as your business needs grow.

The CV61 is a workhorse among vehicle mount mobile computers. Sped by a powerful 64-bit 1.8 GHz Intel® Atom processor, the CV61 features a choice of Windows 7 Professional or Windows XP operating systems. In addition, the CV61 offers up to 3GB RAM to support memory-hungry ERP and WMS systems.

The CV61 is designed to integrate with your network security, management systems and your corporate standards. Comprehensive network options include 802.11 a/b/g/n with Cisco® CCXv4 certification and integrated EDR 2.1 Class 1.5 Bluetooth® for best-in-class wireless range, roaming reliability and security—even in areas where you might experience low signal levels or intermittent connections. In addition, the CV61 offers the accuracy, productivity, and safety of hands-free voice directed work with Intermec’s Vocollect VoiceCatalyst ™.

Download full product specifications: CV61 Product Specifications