Products Overview

RTS’s winning formula is based on our professional expertise and ruggedised products, which allow us to create innovative tailored solutions that deliver the business results our clients are looking for.

We bring a wealth of knowledge and years of first hand experience to the table. We have a range of solutions and products that we know work, utilised across various reference sites.

Our expert team will help you find the best solution to solve your business problems. Our advanced products are a result of ongoing extensive research and development which are continually evolving to meet client demands. We offer vehicle/fixed mounted mobile computers as well as handhelds. Our implementation team, project managers and trainers are engaged when required to deliver solutions.

Our alliance with other leading product vendors such as Intermec, Cisco, Symbol, Datamax and Datalogic enables us to provide end-to-end solutions, whereby we may integrate RTS products with other vendors, if we deem them to be the best fit for your environments.

All RTS products are available in standard temperature, chiller and cold store versions and will operate continuously down to -30c. They are all compatible with Cisco and Symbol networks and with paperless warehousing software applications.

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