RTS Enclosure

The RTS heated printer enclosure has been designed to prevent labels stacking ontop of each other due to dock operation in cold temperatures affecting the adhesive on the label.

The enclosure is ideal for label printing applications where extreme temperatures affect the consistency of the printing process.

The enclosure is available in a chiller and freezer cold store versions. The chiller version will operate from -5oC to +20oC, whereas the freezer version will operate from -30oC to +20oC. The different units incorporate either one or two 50W heater elements respectively. The freezer version is also fully lined to create a thermal jacket affect to maintain temperatures for the printer.

Both versions support a range of printers as they have an interchangeable front panel and adjustable guides for the printer to sit in. Current versions available support Datamax and Zebra printers.

Features Benefits
Stainless steel enclosure Durable, heavy duty and rust proof
Digital temperature display Allows setting and monitoring of currentinternal temperature
Gas strut assisted top access cover Allows easy access to printer for installation and change of print media
Wide operating temperature Suitable for all cold store applications
Removable cable inspection cover Easy access for data and power cables
Interchangeable face plate and adjustableguides Enables flexibility to supportcurrent and future model printers withoutthe requirement to replace the entireenclosure
Adjustable locks Holds cover firmly in place to ensure temperature is maintained


  • 4mm stainless steel with stainless steel gas struts


  • Right hand side and top access cover with locks and handle


  • One or two heating elements for a total of 100 watts of circulating heating


  • Digital controller with temperature setting and read out, thermal sensor, fuses and an AC outlet.


  • Labels and printer controls are accessed through an opening


  • 2 Amps at 240VAC


  • Freezer version