Implementation Services

The phases of our implementation services include:

System Design

Designing a system to meet your requirements for a communication and information solution is the first stage.

Our team will ensure the end solution is a system that is tailored to meet your needs. We consider the wireless communication requirements and the requirements for all of the subsystems of your total solution.

Pre Deployment Testing

Offsite testing before we install it on your premises.

No matter how big your system, it is all assembled first in one place. We run, test, measure, and verify your system to ascertain that it works the way it was designed, with uninterrupted interoperability across technologies. We invite you to be part of the testing process.


– Deployment in the “real world”.

We put the system in place at your sites and lock it down; assembling all of the elements we’ve already proven in our staging facility. We coordinate all deployment activities to get your system working seamlessly and quickly.

– Post Deployment Testing

“Fail-safe” testing to ensure the system works as you intended.

As a final milestone, we put your system through a rigorous QA process. We check and recheck all equipment to verify it operates up to specifications. We confirm that all components are properly configured. And we make sure all of your databases and interfaces are correctly interconnected. Our goal is to ensure that nothing gets left to chance.


Training your team to work more productively and help you realize the full value of your new system.

We can provide custom training for everyone from field users to system managers if required. We’ll even train your trainers, putting you in control of ongoing training initiatives.