Bluetooth Asset Management

Save time, reduce downtimes, and meet your government compliance obligation with our market leading, encrypted bluetooth tags and gateways to manage your assets and staff.

You will have full visibility and transparency, with accurate information on assets and staff locations. This includes real time display of the location of staff and assets, overlaid with your facility floor plan. A real time dashboard will provide you and selected managers with critical data and alerts, such as any safety breaches or unlawful entry into office/warehouse complex.  

Our easy-to-use interface will make it easy for you to access the location data collected by the RTS solution. Knowing the location of all your valuable assets 24/7 enables you to make more informed decisions.  Don’t allow the underutilisation of your assets to cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. More informed buying decisions will enable you to stay efficient and agile, leading to better utilisation of your most valuable assets. Knowing the location of assets also helps with managing compliance regulations.  The RTS solution allows rules to be applied which alert management if a device has not been returned after a certain period.

RTS Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology solution can be utilised in the following areas:

  • Manage social distancing, within office/warehouse complex.
  • Real Time Movement of Assets in company facility.
  • Duress and man down alerts.
  • Facility management.

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