Client Success Stories

Secon Freight

Secon Freight Logistics Pty Ltd has been involved in the transport industry for over thirty-three years. From what started as a small family enterprise, the company has grown into a major transport company, shifting containers to and from the Melbourne wharf.

Secon Carriers specialise in wharf transport, warehousing, containerisation, sidelifting, and the running of Australian customs approved bonded warehouse and 77G FAK depots.

The Challenge

Secon consult with RTS to provide several solutions and services that relate to the movement of data and information, across their internal and external sites. Secon views RTS as their “full IT network solution provider”.

How We Tackled The Problem

Wi-Fi, CCTV and Security systems to improve site security and workflow productivity within their warehouse and bonded store sites. Secon selected RTS as their preferred solution provider.

The Results

For Secon to achieve their aggressive growth targets, they see reliable networks and communication as key. Secon now have the confidence to move between sites and still communicate as if they are on the same site.

Secon are also located close to RTS for any support issues. Steve Nailer said “It’s hard to find a company you can really trust, so it’s great to work with a team that is extremely knowledgeable, provide high quality work and also operate with such integrity”.

Steve Nailer said he uses them as a “one stop shop”, calling on the team to consult with them to troubleshoot various issues and solutions which has really helped the Secon internal IT team out. In the future, as Secon grows, Steve stated that Secon will continue to partner with RTS for ongoing advice and services, especially to assist with tracking and labelling.

Confidence to move between sites, and communicate as if we are on the same site.

RTS are an organisation that we can really rely on and you can’t buy that. We keep on going out of our way to use these guys. As soon as they turn the switch, it always works, without a hitch, which we think is outstanding.

Steve Nailer