Warehouse Infrastructure Design

Your new warehouse needs network infrastructure to support your future Wi-Fi, CCTV layout, security systems and other technologies that are just around the corner.  We can help you with an evaluation of your new warehouse design, to ensure it serves as the backbone of your new operation.

Have you noticed that warehouses are evolving into a technology centre, driving supply chain efficiencies to maximise productivity and reduce product shrinkage?  Your network is the foundation to support your technology whether it is a VOIP handset or mobile barcode scanner or robot or CCTV camera or barcode printer. These technologies rely on a robust wired and wireless infrastructure.  

By partnering with leading manufacturers, we can assist you to implement robust Wi-Fi networks, state of the art CCTV networks and reliable security networks, ensuring your assets and staff are protected.

RTS has decades of experience in designing high performing networks for the most demanding environments.  Whether or not you have an IT team, let RTS partner with you to get you the best out of your network.

Our professional services include:

  • Site Survey and Network Design.
  • Supply of Equipment.
  • Installation of Equipment.
  • System configuration.
  • Network & Performance Testing.

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