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GE Security

Australia has been part of GE’s story for almost 125 years. Operating in Australia since 1896, GE started out providing infrastructure for Brisbane’s tramway and the Pyrmont Bridge in Sydney’s Darling Harbour, one of the longest bridges in the world when it opened in 1902.

RTS has partnered with GE Security to provide medium to large commercial premises simple user interfaces, which also provide innovative access control with complex business rules to deliver tighter onsite security.

Access control is vital in any business where the movement of staff, contractors and visitors needs to be monitored or restricted.

The use of keypads, swipe card/tag readers and biometric access control is widely used and a common function in most commercial premises. Access control is an effective management tool to monitor the status of a door, showing Locked, Open, Forced or Door Open Too Long and can be an effective alert to the 24-hour monitoring station or emergency contacts if the door is unsecure.

Access control systems are expandable so can be programmed and changed when your business or staff change and can be managed remotely by RTS to ensure your security and for quick additions or deletions of personnel access.

As with all types of security equipment, your access control system must be designed and installed by RTS’s government certified, experienced technicians to ensure your requirements, building codes and budgets are satisfied.

We use internally and install GE’s security solution because we believe and trust in their technology.