Solutions Partners

Leash IT

RTS partners with Leash IT to provide LeashView’s RTLS solution which identifies and monitors assets in a specific area in real time every 10 seconds. LeashView tells users instantly the location of tagged items, whether tagged items are machines, people or packages.

LeashView works by attaching a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Leash/TAG/Wristband to an item you would like to monitor. The Leashes send out BLE signals to gateway receivers strategically placed throughout a business, warehouse facility, campus, dealership or construction site. The gateways relays all the Leash’s location data via existing Wi- Fi to the Leash It Community Of Things™ (COT) central server, which can be in the cloud or locally based. The locations of the assets are then displayed on the map or floor-plan in the easy to use LeashView platform.

LeashView is hardware agnostic and utilises Wi-Fi to BLE wireless gateways, BLE Leashes and 256 bit encrypted fire walled servers. Each BLE Leash contains a unique ID that users can associate to a specific asset. Communication between the Leashes and gateways is customisable and can be set to 1 second, 5 seconds and even daily calls. With accuracy being as close as 4 metres, it can instantly save time and money. To fall inline with consultative approach to provide you the client, the right solution we will build your solutions from the ground up. We utilise LeashView solution and leverage our years of bespoke network deployments to deliver a BLE solution that always provides visibility of your assets whether within your four walls or out in your field operations.