BMW trial RTS Gate Controller at 2008 Motorshow

At the recent Melbourne International Motorshow, BMW Australia trialled the RTS Gate Controller 1000 (RTS GC1000) on their stand.

The system enabled BMW’s corporate clients with barcoded passes to gain access through a turnstile into an area set up for corporate entertainment purposes.

The RTS GC1000 is a remote gate controller which has been designed to enable remote access to doors, gates and turnstiles.

BMW Australia found the product, which was originally loaned to them to trial at the event, very useful. David Hassett, IT Infrastructure & Projects Manager, decided to purchase the unit: “We would like to purchase it rather than return…yes, we like it that much!” stated David.

Murray Goulburn has implemented the controllers in a similar context, activating turnstile gates via scanning of ID cards.

The RTS GC1000 is also being used by Amcor fibre Packaging in NSW who use the controller to detect and stop a conveyor if products are the wrong way around. It then automatically rotates the pallet. An Amcor Victorian site intends to use the controllers to interpret barcode information and determine if products need to be shrink-wrapped or not.

Brendan Bryant, RTS Business Development Manager, comments: “We have found the inexpensive GC1000 to be very popular, as they allow for unattended access to doors, gates, and turnstiles with a valid pass or remote signal via WLAN or SMS/GPRS. The product removes the need for sophisticated controller units or industrial computers.”

The RTS product range is available directly from RTS in Australia and selected resellers.

RTS have been developing custom solutions for many clients including Amcor, Murray Goulburn, Versacold, Oxford Cold Storage, Montague Cold Storage, Watson Cold Storage, Peerless Foods, PFD Food Services, P Pullar & Co and Secon Freight Logistics.

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